30 Tips for an Easy Move


30 tips to move house easily

Let’s face it: Moving house is one of the biggest and most tedious household tasks there is and can be incredibly overwhelming. However with a head start and by staying organized, you will be able to take on this juggernaut process with greater ease. Here are 30 moving tips for an easy move.

1. Make a List and take down measurements of bulky items that may not fit into the lift

List down everything! As you purchase new items and furniture, add them to your list and their prices. This list will become useful when planning for your insurance.

Ensure that your furniture pieces can fit especially inside your lift by taking down the measurements of your bulky furniture. If your hired movers require to use the stairs, they will charge extra for every level they have to climb.

2. Pack an overnight bag with all your essentials inside.

You will want all your essentials within easy access, and do not want to make the mistake of having to unpack your items. Remember to include a change of clothes and your toiletries. Not to forget your valuables and a portable charger for your electronics.

3. Pack the items you will need 1st in a clear plastic container


This includes important items like paper towels, trash bags, dining utensils, select cookware, toilet paper, tools, laptop chargers and whatever else you can think you will need. The clear bin allows you to peek inside instantly; it also separates itself from your horde of generic looking cardboard boxes.

4. Wrap your breakables (plates, glasses) in clothing to save on bubble wrap.

5. For extra padding, pack your glasses and bottles in clean socks.

CLEAN socks only please!

6. On top of labeling what’s inside your boxes, indicate what room they will be moved into as well.

7. Place a clean cotton pad or cotton ball into your powdered cosmetics to prevent them from breaking.


You don’t want your expensive cosmetics breaking when you are moving!

8. Wrap the openings of your toiletries with a saran wrap, then close the tops.



This will prevent unnecessary spillage and save you the nightmare of cleaning up.

9. Packing plates vertically will make them less likely to break.

10. Keep drawers intact by wrapping them with Press’n Seal.

Drawers are like individual boxes — Doing this will keep you from having to unpack and repack the contents and also make moving the actual drawers more manageable.

11. Press’n Seal is also handy for keeping jewelry displays together.

12 .Keep a roll of stretch wrap with you.

Stretch Wraps are a great way to keep your items together and protect them from getting scratched and falling apart.

13. Ziplock bags are handy for holding any small parts of things you have to take apart, like the wire of electronics and screws.


Tape the ziplock bags to the back of the item they belong to. Handy tip: Tape the wires of your electronic to the back of them.

14. Take a photo of how your electronics are connected for easy reassembly


If reassembling wires isn’t what you are good at, this will save you a lot of time!

15. Pack your very heavy items like books into luggage bags with wheels for easy transportation.


16. Use thrash bags to pack your wardrobe clothes fast


17. Vacuum seal your clothing that are out-of-season.


18. Aside of food and drinks, first offer your friends who help you move on anything you initially planned to sell or donate.

A nice gesture of appreciation goes a long way!

19. Make sure everything is completely packed before your friends arrive to help you move.


Don’t be that ridiculous friend who makes your friends wait while you pack.

20. Use a color-coding system.


21. Number your boxes.

Create a detailed list of what’s in each box by a numbering system. This makes it easier to make sure you didn’t forget any boxes, and have any stolen. More importantly, if there’s anything valuable in there, you won’t be shouting it everyone by writing it down on the box in plain sight.

22. If you have a lot of valuables that are fragile, hiring movers instead of asking friends can end up paying for itself.

The good movers come with insurance – if something breaks, they have to compensate you. Remember to source and book them weeks ahead — you may get better moving rates if you do not plan the moving last minute!

23. If you hire movers, read their fine print and find out if they have any strange rules.

For instance, check out their rates for moving items up a flight of stairs and make sure they are reasonably priced. Some movers may not charge for moving items 1 floor up and some may.

24. If you’re renting, take photos of your empty old home AND your new home before moving in.


This will avoid dealing unnecessary disputes with your landlord who may want to hold your security deposit until after restoration and repairs works are made that were not your fault to begin with.

25. Fill the nail holes in your previous home with a bar of soap.

26. Change your address at least two weeks prior to moving.

You want to minimize having to go back to your old address to collect your important mails.

27. If you own items that you do not want anymore and are too valuable to just give away, start selling on Carousell or eBay, at least six weeks before moving.


Arrange for a charity organization to come pick up the items you don’t want at least two weeks before moving.


Check the lead time you will need for that organization to pick up your donation items and arrange accordingly.

28. Make your last grocery trip two weeks before moving.

The more food you consume before moving, the less you’ll have to waste by throwing out.

29. Hire a sitter or have an experienced friend take care of your children and pets during the day of moving.


30. Defrost your refrigerator at least a day before moving and wipe dry any liquid.

Trust me. This will avoid dealing with a dirty wet mess when you move to your new place!

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